Westcoast Sports Associates was one of only 50 nonprofit organizations to receive a 1982 special-release bourbon bottle from Buffalo Trace Distillery.  We are using this opportunity to encourage year-end donations to WSA while earning raffle tickets and chances to win this very unique gift!

Raffle tickets can be purchased at this link:

WSA Homepage

We are especially grateful to Bob Costas for being our 2016 honoree; allowing the WSA organization to make youth sports accessible to over ten thousand young people every year!

Westcoast Sports Associates gratefully acknowledges the continued support of our sponsors, donors, event volunteers, the many WSA Members who serve on Dinner Gala Committees, the Westin Bonaventure Hotel team, and of course Roy Firestone for making the 21st Anniversary such a special evening.

Although the 2016 event has past, you can still donate to: