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From 2008 to 2013, national youth sports participation dropped by 3 million children

Less than 1 in 3 children between the ages of 6-12 participated in a high-calorie-burning fitness activity at least three times a week

Sports provide compounding benefits for active children

Physically active children…

are less likely to become obese and have serious health risks later in life.

have a decreased risk of drug use and teen pregnancy.

score 40% higher on test scores and are 15% more likely to attend college.

become more productive adolescents and earn more as adults.

children of active parents are twice as likely to be active, beginning an intergenerational cycle of healthy habits.

Research Shows Active Kids Do Better in Life

“families that can afford more, allow their kids to play more”


is allocated by WSA each year achieving its mission to give economically disadvantaged children in Southern California the opportunity to participate in quality sports programming.


Neighborhoods surrounding WSA’s supported program sites have an average annual household income less than 


WSA’s annual grant awards make youth sports accessible to over 10,000 young people every year thanks to our many generous funding partners


WSA’s Recreation Center grant recipients averaged minority participation exceeding 95%.

These youth sports administrators offer many scholarships and charge average program fees of $34 per sports season ; this is less than $1 per hour of programming!

WSA’s Nonprofit Partners averaged 40% female participation within their youth sports programs.

They provide full scholarships to an average of 61% of their participants.  Some of these partners offer over 1,000 full scholarships to their participants, ensuring they do not miss out on the life lessons of youth sports.

Take a look at the highest frequency buzzwords used when program leaders reflected on the impact of youth sports.


Los Angeles Neighborhoods supported by WSA youth sports programming.


WSA Grant Recipients

More than half of the participant families WSA grant funding affects live in the South and East Regions of Los Angeles.  Young people residing in these communities are faced with challenging circumstances… 
this means youth sports activities have an even greater opportunity to change lives.  
Members serve in many different capacities to:
help raise funding, grow the organization’s brand, oversee program partner relationships, and plan social events where members celebrate sports legends.

WSA Advisory Board Members, Social Event Special Guests & Roy Firestone Award Honorees!

Members make a large impact by their stewardship of WSA’s Annual Dinner Gala.  This event provides a  significant portion of the organization’s grant funding, when it  honors sports legends, recognized as Roy Firestone Award winners.  Get Involved!






Sports & Society 
A Program of the Aspen Institute
The mission of the Sports & Society program is to convene leaders, foster dialogue, and inspire solutions that help sport serve the public interest, with a focus on the development of healthy children and communities. The program provides a venue for thought leadership where knowledge can be deepened and breakthrough strategies explored on a range of issues.




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